Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who would have thought?

One of the things that gives me joy is learning from people who are younger -- way younger -- than I am.

The person who most recently has popped into my life to teach me is Annie.

Our interests initially intersected in the arena of compassioniate / nonviolent communication. She saw a couple of my blog posts on that topic. Then on March 1st 2009 she introduced herself to me at Nanaimo's Seedy Sunday event. I was one of the people hosting an information table about Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community. She said she recognized me from the photo on my blog.

Annie's Sensible Living blog is coming in usefully at a time during which I am learning to eat more naturally, to focus on seasonal fruit and vegetables, and so on.

Annie, I am glad to have been introduced to your blog and, better still, to have met you face-to-face.

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Anonymous said...

So great to meet you too and I'm glad I found your blog in the first place!