Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reuse, reduce, recycle, refuse

Mia's post about our recycling room doesn't do it - or her - justice, I think. Not that I'm bragging, but, we have the best recycling room ever, and that's not just from me - the guy who picks up our recycling every week says so, and he should know.

Mia, and another lady from Pacific Gardens, Gloria, spend hours every week making sure that all our recyclables go in the right place - newspapers, cans, glass, batteries, soft plastic, juice and dairy cartons, metal and plastic lids - as well as looking after our freecycle cupboard, where second-hand treasures from our residents can be taken home, at no cost.

Gloria and Mia  also have fun and interesting educational workshops on recycling, with great prizes.  Gloria has prepared pretty,decorative signs that show us where everything should go, and they both work hard to keep the recycling room spotless and clutter-free.

I think if we had a contest for the best recycling room, like they have for loos in Scotland, we would definitely win first prize.  Here's to Mia and Gloria, our recycling mavens - long may they thrive!


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