Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kaj, the energizer bunny

I'd like you to meet one of my neighbours, Kaj (pronounced Kai).  He's not a young fella - in fact, he's in his 80s - but he's the energizer bunny of our community.

In the three years he's been here this octogenarian has built: our all-encompassing, super-duper deer fence; a teeter-totter; bike racks for both the kids and grown-ups; a system of composting bins that are efficient as well as attractive; and a garden shed that looks so much like a cottage some folks have asked if they could rent it.

He is also another one of comunity's dedicated gardeners, and as you can see from his picture (with his wife Doris, another active community member), he grows some amazing produce.

You would think this would be enough to keep a guy busy, but no. Kaj is known as the go-to person when anything needs to be fixed, mended or installed.  Just yesterday he put up my umbrella clothes dryer. Tomorrow it could be power-washing a sidewalk or some balconies, sanding a wood pillar, or painting.

Kaj has been a logger, fisherman and farmer since he came to Canada from his native Denmark.  When you ask him which he liked doing best, he'll tell you he loved them all.

We think he's pretty fantastic.


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