Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hallowe'en Decorating

We have an unofficial decorating committee here at PG.

Mia and Roz head it up. Unofficially of course. ;)

And because I have been mostly responsible for the Halloween Party, I had decided that it was my job to help out too. Who am I kidding...you couldn't tear me away. I am electing myself an unofficial member of the unofficial decorating committee.

We toiled for over two hours yesterday evening and with the help of the kids and other passersby, we made PG into a Spooktacular place to live.

This is the kitchen:

We reused the monsters from J's birthday.

And this is the Dining Hall (where the party will be):

And this is the atrium:

And the kids wanted their room decorated too!  They insisted on having the vampire peering into their room.

Then they would shut the door and all scream bloody murder. It was adorable!

And I have saved the first for last. Here is our entrance:

It was great to reuse pumpkin crafts from the kids. These were from last year.


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Judy Roberts said...

Those decorations are so cool !

Pacific Gardens has come a LONG way since my "Honest Conversation" blog post: http://mycohousingadventure.blogspot.ca/2009/10/honest-conversation.html

I knew we'd turned the corner when we created a Happy Kids Committee.