Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Cohousing Correspondent in Mexico

Pacific Gardens is spreading its influence far and wide - we now have a cohousing correspondent in Mexico, Roz, the authoress of our Officel Etiquetta and the hostess of our Elderberry dinner.

Roz is escaping the gloom of our rainy clime to soak up the scene on the beach in the approporiately-named La Playa.  She has been sending us regular reports of her days spent eating fabulous food, meeting wonderful people, and enjoying the sunshine.

I'm not saying I'm jealous or anything, but really, when you look at pictures like this (and it's one of many she's e-mailed us), I do get a bit green-eyed, even more than usual!

Roz has a wonderful idea, however. She writes: "I think we have it all wrong...we should live in a country where it is easy to grow food all year long, where we do not need as much electrical power, where musika abounds from early morning till into the evening, where one makes instant friends...and then holiday in the summer months of our winterland!

Let's sell and come here to build a Cohousing development!!! Mucho purchasers for sure!!!"

I think she's on to something, don't you?


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