Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun and Games at Pacific Gardens!

We had our first-ever Pacific Gardens Olympics last weekend, and what an event it was!

We started with a games night in the dining-room Friday night, since the rain prevented us from having a bonfire outside. But we still had lots of fun.

Myriam and Trey taught Ron and myself the intricacies of Catan, which I can only describe as a game of Capitalism Lite.

Despite my total confusion about the rules, I managed to become a road-builder and developer, but Trey and Ron really impressed with their canny entrepreneurship.

Then we joined the grown-ups for a game of Battle of the Sexes.  The women absolutely trounced the men - although it was a bit rigged, as there were five of us to three of them.

Saturday the rain stopped (sort of), and the sun came out (almost), and we had the intergenerational games outside.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Myriam leads the way!

Eggs-acting throws by Trey and Joel!

Don't spill that water! 

Great bowling form by Anna!

A victory for the team!

And there were loads of tasty treats provided - including liqueurs for the exhausted adults afterwards!


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