Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cohos are cool

The other day, just off the top of her head, Susana came up with this list of hobbies in which we owners of Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community, collectively, are involved:

  • attending musical events
  • baking
  • bicycling
  • bird-watching
  • book clubs
  • camping
  • celebrations of different traditions
  • choir
  • cooking
  • dancing -- all kinds of dance!
  • dialogue groups
  • drumming
  • festivals of all sorts
  • gardening
  • geocaching
  • good films
  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • naturalist outings
  • opera
  • organizing and participating in events
  • parties
  • personal growth work
  • photography
  • playing music
  • playing with children
  • potlucks
  • singing
  • skiing
  • spiritual retreats
  • spiritual rituals and gatherings
  • story-telling
  • swimming
  • symphony
  • Tai Chi
  • theatre
  • travel
  • voluntary simplicity circle
  • volunteering in the community
  • writing
  • women's circle
  • yoga

    In running down that list, I like the look of drumming. But I've just taken up singing, dancing and Tai Chi, so I'll have to see how I can work drumming into the mix. Susana says there are classes in which one can do drumming and dancing.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm getting back into bicycling. Of course that's not counting the kayaking lessons that I'm planning to take this spring. Or the visit I'm soon going to pay to Tofino for storm watching.
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