Monday, February 16, 2009

My Goldilocks church

Yesterday I found the church in Nanaimo that felt just right to me. That is saying something. My favourite cathedral is nature. A church has to feel pretty special if it's going to lure me indoors when I could be walking outside.

On and off, since I'd arrived in Nanaimo, I'd tried a few different churches. Then, when I was at a social function on Friday night, someone praised St Andrews United Church, and I decided to try it on Sunday.

After just one visit, I knew this was it.

Ironically, I'd already been in the adjacent church hall. That is where my Everybody Sings group gets together on Thursday mornings. But, for some reason, it had not occurred to me before this to attend a service at St Andy's.

Another irony is that the other churches that I'd tried all had been further afield. Now that I no longer have a vehicle, any one of those other churches would involve a much longer walk, a bicycle ride or a bus ride. St Andrews, on the other hand, is within easy walking distance of home.

What a walk it is too. All the way, there are glimpses of the water, nearby islands and, behind them, snow capped mountains.

Oh ....... my ....... goodness .......

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MidnightCafe said...

Congratulations on finding the right place!