Saturday, May 23, 2009


On June 2nd, I'm going to be leaving for an eight-week trip. The motivation for the journey is to participate in a family reunion to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday in Swaziland.

Between now and then, I'm going to be participating in a workshop called The Wall, vacating the house I've been renting, and storing my stuff in a kind friend's basement.

Construction of Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community will be completed during my absence, and several of my fellow owners will be moving in while I'm away. I feel sad that I will miss a momentous phase in the life of my cohousing community.

However, my mother's 80th birthday -- with one of my brothers travelling to the reunion from Australia and my travelling to it from Canada -- also is an important milestone.

Fortunately, Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community still will be here when I get back home to Nanaimo. I am excited about moving into my apartment upon my return. Our building looks more attractive every time I see it. When the cranes and delivery trucks are gone and our landscape plan has been implemented, our property will look beautiful.

One of the things that I love about our community is our name. The founders were environmentalists, and the garden element was important to them. To me there are different kinds of gardens. Whether or not the founders consciously articulated this, I believe they would agree with me. There will be the botanical gardens as well as the spiritual gardens that will be embodied in the interior and community lives of the people who will enliven the structure.

I look forward to being reunited with my community on July 27th.

6 comments: said...

Judy, I hope you have a great trip and a lovely reunion in Swaziland. What a grand adventure. And to come back to your new home -- another grand adventure.

I'll make a concerted effort to get up and visit you and "the Gardens". You always make the place and the people sound so warm and welcoming.

All the best!

Mog said...

Judy, I hope you have a very enjoyable and successful trip to Swaziland. It would be fascinating to read your comments on your visit too.So I hope you have time to post.

Take care

ms toast burner said...

Yes! I hope you can post during your trip too but either way, I hope that you have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you safe travels, loving reunions, shared laughter of memories old and new.

I too look forward to hearing all about your trip if you have the opportunity to post in the fly, otherwise from your new home when you get back!

MidnightCafe said...

Oooo....Enjoy your trip!!

Judy Roberts said...

Many thanks for all of your good wishes. I appreciate them very much.

I have a busy trip ahead of me, and in some places my access to the internet will be spotty. That particularly will be true in Swaziland, where I will be spending some time in the bush.

So, when it comes to posting here, I will have to play things by ear. If I don't post while I'm travelling, I imagine I will feel like sharing some thoughts upon my return.

Stay well. (That is the translation of the farewell message in the siSwati language. The person who is leaving says, "Stay well." The person who remains says, "Go well.")