Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrate, celebrate!

Our annual celebration of the permit to occupy at Pacific Gardens took place September 21 as the summer turned into fall on the Equinox.

We hoped the weather would hold so we could all gather around our newly-built fire pit to cook hotdogs and marshmallows, and the skies blessed us with no rain on this auspicious day.

This was a great party with many people from our cohousing showing up, including our newly-arrived family from Alberta, so we all had a chance to eat, drink and be merry with shared food, good conversation, games and a cake with all the candles blown out by the kids as we sang our Happy Anniversary Song.

Here are some comments made by our Pacific Gardens communitarians:

Maria -  “The party really felt like it was a family party where parents were really engaging with their kids, cooking food with them, talking with them and I got a real sense of parent/child togetherness.”

Ron - “It was a great place to have conversations and exchanges of ideas about ways to support the Green movement to make a better world community.”

Mia - “Those kids had so much fun playing Throw the Flag...we are all puffed out including the parents who played and I of all people couldn’t even find my flag, and I taught the game!”

Tara - “My new roommate was completely blissed out by the multigenerational game playing. He thought it was fantastic to see adults and kids alike playing together.”

Roz - “I am so glad Myriam helped me decorate our anniversary cake and Michael and I served it and Mia got the plates out to serve it on, because we shared it at the fire pit. This cake was a four-person operation. Community, eh!”

And last but not least, our gratitude theme this year is about being grateful that we live in this country without war, and particularly, living on our piece of the rock called Pacific Gardens Cohousing, and we are thankful for the bountiful harvest to share from our greater neighbourhood.

It really felt like all people around the fire were happy to be there, sharing their stories and getting to know each other better. It was a really lovely way to have an anniversary celebration, and we send greetings and well-wishes to all of the folks who have lived and celebrated with us in years gone are in our hearts.

Thanks everybody and Happy Anniversary to us at Pacific Gardens!


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Gean Steal said...

This is so sweet and touching! What a nice neighborhood...