Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Faith and Move-Ins

My apologies for not posting to the blog more often this week.  I know with blogs that in order to make them effective you're supposed to write in them every other day - sort of like flossing!

My excuse is house guests and a move-in.  I had another set of friends from Scotland come for a visit (and they, too, were surprised by the amount of traffic and car use in a small city like Nanaimo), and some new tenants move in to Pacific Gardens.

This was no ordinary move-in.  What made it really special was the faith and determination of the young family who have come to live here, because they did it sight unseen.

They had been wanting to move to a warmer climate than the one in the rural community outside Edmonton where they were living, and if possible, to a life in cohousing.

So they started with the web, first going to the Intentional Communities Directory where we've been listed for several years, and found Pacific Gardens.
When they went to our website, they saw that we had some units for rent, including a three-bedroom-and-den.

They e-mailed, we answered, they read our newsletter The Bloomin' News, they telephoned. And then they made a decision to move themselves and their three children to our community, trusting that they would find a better life here, and this without ever meeting any of us or seeing where they would be living.

I find their faith in us and the potential of life in cohousing amazing and heartening and wonderful, and I'm excited about what they will bring to Pacific Gardens.

Faith may or may not move mountains, but it can rev up moving vans to travel over them!


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