Friday, December 7, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O #$%^&* Christmas Tree

As you can tell from the photos Myriam posted last week, we have some very talented Christmas tree decorators at Pacific Gardens, both adults and children.

This is a good thing, especially for people like me. Each year I strive to make my little tree look good, and each year it ends up looking like it was decorated after I drank too much rum eggnog.

Last year I thought I almost had it perfected.  I had two functioning strands of Christmas lights that I spent hours carefully winding around the branches of my somewhat scraggly artificial tree.

Alas, this year, one of them was kaput, and so I had to unwind and untangle it, which I did, using some very un-Christmasy language.  If Santa were listening, there would definitely be no presents for me!

Of course, after removing those lights, all the branches were askew, the ornaments hung lopsidedly, and the remaining lights were on one side. My little tree looked forlorn and unkempt.

And then I went into the dining hall for our weekly potluck.   Two beautiful, tall Christmas trees, with bright angels on top, and strands of lights looped around them in perfect symmetry.

And with at least a hundred ornaments on them, in gold, red, green and silver, more angels, a teddy bear, a heart, ornaments made of felt and paper by the children - what a wonderful sight!

And here's a lesson in community for me.  Maybe I'd be better off next year joining in the Christmas decorating fun at Pacific Gardens than trying to do my own tree.

That way I'll be sure to get presents from Santa!


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