Friday, December 21, 2012

Solstice Community Style.

It was fabulous to see the community gather for Solstice. Being so far away from family, it means a lot to me to have people to share this time with.

Some gathered to do some caroling. Some gathered to chat and some gathered to battle for the title of PG Ultimate Table Tennis Champion.

After a little misadventure, our ping-pong table was crippled and lopsided. But Kaj was kind enough to work tirelessly to get this dead beetle back on its feet just in time for the tourney. And since this was the table's first Community tournament, we had to have a ribbon cutting. And who better to cut the ribbon than Kaj?

ping pong 002

Many people showed up to take a stab at the title!  Everyone, even the children, had a chance to play.

ping pong 004
ping pong 009 ping pong 011

Our local Tennis pro played six or seven matches undefeated and won the whole tourney.


Kara made a labyrinth for us all.

She made it out of branches and candles and it was dimly illuminated. A wonderful way to recognize the Solstice.  It was in the dark which made it hard to take a photo of it.

This shot shows the mood a bit better.

ping pong 040

And this shot shows the labyrinth a bit better.

ping pong 041


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