Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dressed to Swag-Kill

I learned a new descriptive phrase the other night while out with our recently-founded walkers' group at Pacific Gardens - swag-kill.

For months several of us had been saying, "We really must get more exercise.  Maybe we should start a walking group."

Alas, the feet never seemed to get off the ground, until Bill put on his boots and just started doing it.

At 7:30 pm most nights of the week, he would walk out the door and explore the roads, lanes, cul-de-sacs - and yes, hills - in our neighbourhood.

Soon Sharon joined him, and then me.  First it was only for a half-hour, then 45 minutes, and now we walk and talk for a good hour or more.

It's amazing how fast the time goes when you're with friends, and how many people we meet and greet while we're on our way.

Perhaps it's the illuminated safety vests (acquired by Sharon at a thrift shop) that makes our little group stand out.  It's hard to miss seeing us, that's for sure.

One night while we were on our usual evening jaunt two young men approached Sharon and asked her where she got the vests.

"Those are really swag-kill," they told her. I had to check it out - were they saying we were some kind of fashionistas?

According to the Urban Dictionary, swaggerists - people like us who wear swag-kill outfits - are beautiful people and classy in any/all situations.

That description certainly fits - and it's enough incentive to keep me walking!


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