Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Musique de Pond

We knew spring was coming for sure when we heard it. It started out as the occasional peep, then grew to a chorus, and now, it's a roar of sound.

The frogs in our pond are giving us their annual spring performance.  At night it's so loud that if you're talking to someone on the phone, they'll ask: "What's that noise in the background?"

I can even hear it from my bedroom on the other side of the building.  It is powerful, yet soothing - a harbinger of the warm days to come, an annual ritual of the season, and somehow, strangely romantic.

It is, as Mykl calls it, the "Musique de Pond". He's made a recording of it, but to capture the full effect, you need to hear it in person, preferably late at night, when the moon and stars are out.

The frogs join the mating ducks, the budding trees, the growing grass (and weeds!), the sporadic showers, the crocuses and yes, daffodils, in celebrating the coming of spring.

Time to put away the woolies and the wellies, clean out the garden shed, look through the seed catalogues and the gardening books, clean off the patio, and take a sneak peak at your summer wardrobe.

There may be a few more weeks of intermittent rain and gloom, but we know the days of sunshine, seeding, and new life will soon be here, serenaded by the Musique de Pond!


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