Friday, March 1, 2013

With A Song In My Heart

Yesterday began as one of those days that epitomize the February blahs.  It was cold, rainy, grey, and miserable.

A friend from back East who telephoned to chat accused me of lying when I said the crocuses were out (really, truly, they are!).

I had nothing more exciting for my day's plans than laundry, list-making, and compost-dumping (which I didn't do, because it was too awful outside).

Even the usual Pacific Gardens potluck karma was out of whack.  The food was good, mostly vegetarian, but only about 10 people showed up.


But the evening soon had some fun and sparkle with our very own version of Canadian Idol, using the cards from a game called Encore.

Each card had a word on it that we had to use in a song.  Sounds easy, but it wasn't always. Trying to find that elusive musical word was a challenge at times.

It could also be very funny.  John had us laughing till tears ran down our faces with his comic rendition of a song with the word "finger" in it.

David tried to convince us that his multi-versed sea shanty with the word "landlubber" in it was close enough to the word "lover".

We also found that our neighbours had some wonderful musical talent. Bill revealed himself to be a crooner to rival Michael Bublé.

Susana had an impressive knowledge of African-American spirituals from her participation in the Everybody Sings group.

Ron was able to recall they lyrics to those top 10 hits we thought we'd all forgotten, while my specialty was Broadway musicals.

Jasson chimed in, too, and Chad came up with some creative choruses.

After an hour of singing, jokes and laughter, I went home in a much better mood and with a song in my heart.

This is why I like living in community.


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