Sunday, November 18, 2012

Atrium Bustle

Reading Kathryn's post made me think I should repost one of my posts from my personal blog.

There is a reason why my kids look at the exterior of this building and tell me that they are SOOOO glad that they live here. 

It's because they have so many friends. And knowing that this is a safe place to play means that I can let them have those growing opportunities of trying and failing while knowing that they will know (or someone will know) where to find me if something happens.

And the community, especially the yard, plays such a big role in their growth as social beings. But, as the leaves turn yellow, the air gets chilly and the rain starts to flood our playground, our atrium comes alive.

It is no longer just a simple walkway to the outside. No, it becomes transformed into a blank canvas where our kids can use their imaginations to amuse themselves for hours.

There are pillow forts, pillow cars and more:

And train sets:

And pokemon battles:

And playing house and dressing up:

And making giant forts:

And board games and so much more.

And the kids flow from home to home, and spill into the atrium. Gone are the days of keeping my kids cooped up because of the weather.

I don't know if everyone appreciates the kids running through the halls, gleefully screaming while being chased by one child in a Darth Maul mask during a game of tag. But it sure makes me happy to see their bodies being active while they make important friendships.

I am very grateful for this place. And I know my kids are too.


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