Friday, November 2, 2012

Diversity Strengthens Community

This community has so much diversity.

In our midst are passionate activists and people and there are also those who don't get involved in controversies. There are philosophers and people who are go-getters. We have people who fix things and people who fix people. We have seniors and babies. There are people who nurture and people who say what needs saying. 

We have atheists, spiritualists, Christians and everything in between. One of our residents is the first female to be ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest!

We all have different backgrounds, gifts, skills and ideas and we are all a tremendous gift to each other.

For example:

I dropped off a little dress I had made for my daughter back when she was a baby for our community baby this afternoon. And as I got to talking to her mommy, I found out that she was taking a latin fitness class and that she didn't understand the steps very well. She asked if I knew the Meringue. I said that I didn't but that I knew Salsa and that the Cha Cha was very similar to Salsa. And since she was doing a blend of Meringue, Cha Cha and something else, she asked me to teach her the basic steps.

Another of my neighbours used to make homemade, natural soap at a commercial level. And I have always wanted to learn how to do it. So we are going to make soap this weekend! One day, I will teach him how to make fondant.

A neighbour, while she was making a lovely parkin for our Halloween party (a way of sharing a treasured part of her childhood with us) had one of her kitchen cabinet doors fall off again. She sent an email asking for help. My husband, who has a background in custom cabinetry, was able to put it back up for her. 

And my husband, whose bike pedal keeps falling, was offered help from another of our residents who works at the co-op bike shop.

Our community is full of these examples.

We are stronger together and stronger because we are all different!


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