Monday, November 5, 2012

Beautiful harmony

We had a bon fire tonight. It was such a lovely evening.

We chatted and shared hot dogs, homemade cookies, conversation and laughter.
The kids played in the pitch dark with laughter and joy.

A new member sang beautiful songs in his native tongue (Chinese I believe). It was a beautiful, soothing voice that made we wish I had brought my drum.

Then, an eight year old member taught us all a new song. And we repeated the verses and sang together. It was such a fitting song. One fit to become a PG bon fire favorite.

I was even able to find the lyrics online:

Fire, sacred fire
Burning through the night

Come to me in the dreamtime
Bring me visions of light.

Circle round, spiral down
To this heart open wide

Healing light, burning bright
Dry these tears I cry.

- Myriam

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