Monday, November 12, 2012

Wild and crazy memos at PGCC

We get lots of e-mail at Pacific Gardens - lots and lots of e-mail. Some of it is informative, some of it is interesting, and occasionally, some of it is boring. 

But definitely not this one we got from Roz the other day on how to keep our strata office tidy!


Officel Etiquetta

Dear YO

This Community Information Area [CIA] is for all. Use when you need and 

leave soonish not noonish.............

Accounting Legal Committee has the job of keeping your space organized, 

furnished and clean. Check with Roz and Kathryn first before changing 

here, thanks eversomuch....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Pleeheeheessssa

-felt pens need their calendars or they are good for nothing, & that’s write!

-recycling and rubbish bins want your garbage...they get hungry too.

-books love their shelves, and want to sit upright on them to be show offs.

- give the phone back to its mama to avoid a screaming scene.

- Prop the door open so the office can breathe aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

- Turn off the lights before we breathe down your neck!!!

- No Lolligagging on computer so streams of others can have their fix 

too... use quick like a bunny if you see others hovering and 

share.....AND.... LOG OFF so we can all LOG ON...!!!!!!!


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Judy Roberts said...

I'm sure Air New Zealand -- which is very creative when it comes to those instructions about doing up your seat belt -- would hire Roz in a heart beat. :)